Monday, July 25, 2016

Old Fashioned Summer Fun

How many times have you talked about summer memories that included being outside, riding bikes, and playing tag with friends?  We find that our kids wake up and hit the couch, to which they are happy to stay if there are no other plans. When we suggest they call a friend or find something to do, they respond with an, "okay", but don't move.

We understand that it is summer and our kids need their down time. Everyone deserves to be lazy at times. But, with this generation of kids, their phones and electronics suck them in and the time passes without them even realizing it. We found a series written in the New York Times to change that pattern.

Check out this article by New York Times Well Family journalist KJ Del'Antonia. She poses an "intentional summer challenge" that invites families to bring back old fashioned fun. She poses a new challenge each week.

The New York Times Intentional Summer Challenge

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