Sunday, March 11, 2018

YouTube: What Your Kids Are Watching

Children and teens are spending hours watching YouTube videos every week. It is their television. However, they aren't simply watching a show. They are inundated with messages and influences of many different people, some of whom they look up to and admire. While we can see what our kids are watching on television, we don't see what they are watching on YouTube.

As parents, we try to monitor our kids exposure with parental controls and filters. However, no matter how careful we think we are, we can can't stop it all. Videos aren't always picked up by the filters and even if your kid's devices have controls, many of their friend's won't. When we talk to our boys about things we learn kids are watching, they tell us they hear about the videos because they are passed around on someone's phone at school.

Common Sense Media is a great resource for parents. This month they shared an article that contains very valuable tips on how to talk to your kids about what they watch on YouTube. It also educates parents about what they are seeing. Open communication about what they are exposed to is important in this age of technology. Here is the link:

Talking to Kids About YouTube Celebs Who Cross the Line

For more parent tips about raising kids in the Instant Gratification Generation.

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